Saturday, 24 October 2009


Think THE DRUMS but a bit more muscular, less of the moz influence more of the weezer. This is sunny pop played by those with a cloudy outlook. Massive reverb elevates the vocals to stadium level and the chorus' dont fail to live up to that sound.

download SURFER BLOOD - Swim (to reach the end)

Friday, 23 October 2009


Sweet to tha beat remix from the perenially genii Passion Pit people.

Download - 1901 (Bo Flexd Remix)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Vicious Italian post punk. WTFOMGLOL I hear you cry (txtspk). Not the most obvious of combinations but thank god its happened, British exponents have tended towards the trust funded limp wristed variety in recent years so these nasty bastardos are a real shot in the arm. They are soon to launch onto said London scene so expect to see sallow faced wannabe goths diving for cover like an Italian war hero who heard a car backfire.


Friday, 17 April 2009

Upcoming Manchester Gigs

Support touring bands while you steal their music motherfuckers. (well, good live bands, if you wanna steal the ting tings album then be my guest)

Health - April 22nd @ Deaf Institute
S.C.U.M - April 27th @ Tiger Lounge
Navvy - May 7th @ Retro Bar
Johnny Foreigner - May 17th @ Deaf Institute
Deerhunter - May 19th @ Deaf Institute
Vivian Girls - May 20th @ Ruby Lounge
Future Of The Left w/ Pulled Apart By Horses - May 21st @ Academy 3
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - May 22nd - Chorlton Irish Club
We Were Promised Jetpacks - June 16th - Night And Day
The Thermals - June 21st @ Ruby Lounge

Monday, 13 April 2009


There's nothing wrong with a good pop song, anyone who says otherwise is probably a freak vampire waif of the night east london dicktit of the highest order. Admittedly pop with somewhat more alternative flavourings can turn deeply sour, ive been subjected to prolongled torture sessions of Little Boots, The Ting Tings AAAAAAAND La Roux in the past few days which is a horror my parents never quite prepared me for.
Eleanor Everything play lovely shoegazy jangle pop, think the pastels or a myriad of other c86 bands but with the twee turned down slightly. Only slightly mind. Riddled with potential, the tunes really leap out at you while the vocals are airy and float on top of everything in a pleasing, relaxing sunday morning type of way.

HEAR 'You Bring Me Up' @

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Canadian bands. Loads of em are reet good. Japandroids are another one, just guitar and drums making a savage racket, one of the purest combinations of shoegaze and punk sensibilities ive ever come across. I'd love to know how he gets that clean / distorted sound, some sort of dual amp shenanigan i expect.
A cursory glance over their myspace points to a self deprecating side to the band that isnt an obnoxious irritation, which makes a refreshing change. With twitter and facebook and myspace and god knows what else alot of bands are intrusive irritating cunts these days, the overenthusiastic faebook bandguy is a hideous, deliberate condemnation of mankind. These avoid that nicely. Extra points for covering Mclusky aswell.

SEE JAPANDROIDS @ not on this continent baby


Slack as fuck, sloppy playing, awesome tunes, should frankly be massive. Sir Yes Sir deliver that american lo fi alternative sound that soooooo many bands would sell their Built To Spill limited edition t shirt for.

Some of you may regard this blog as too short. It's not.

SEE MAZES @ Sounds From The Other City May 3rd

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Mazes are most definately at the forefront of a sound that is making a glorious comeback this year, scuzzy pop in its oft mentioned c86 influenced glory. Along with Vivian Girls, Wavves, Titus Andronicus, No Age and a few others who Mazes deserve to namechecked with this sound is all the rage at the moment and its good to see British bands getting some of the attention. Mazes produce a blissful fuzzed out racket, tight pop hooks and lazy vocals all over the shop. I get a really strong reminder of Dino Jr from them which is obviously excellent.
Already one of the most interesting bands in Manchester I can't wait to check them out live.

SEE MAZES @ Deaf Institute May 19th

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


The new wave of goth inspired bands sprouting from London's dark heart are poised to explode across the country in the coming months, R O M A N C E are in the vanguard. Echoes of Bauhaus and Keith levigne's wirey inventive guitarwork, they exude power in sharp contrast to the many pretenders content to rely on a delay pedal and deep vocal effect to produce the 'goth' vibe (WHITE LIES I AM LOOKING AT YOU). The vocals remind me of no one less than Jim Morrisson, notes are fantastically stretched and riddled with feeling. On the cover of the NME two weeks ago, catch them soon before they disapear under a mound of stick thin trenchcoat wearing suicide risks.

SEE R O M A N C E @ a dark dark corner of the capitol

Friday, 20 February 2009


May 68 are one of the most immediate unsigned bands youre ever likely to hear, fully formed and extremely polished electro pop far too confident for a band who've barely done a gig. Last Mile especially is deserving of the epiphet 'tune', definitely destined for the dancefloor. The whole electro nu rave pop scene (sic) is seemingly on the way out on yesterdays bandwagon but May68 are definitely not a band to be riding on it.

SEE MAY68 @ new ears festival saki bar mar 21 w/ o children

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Manchester music, to those who view it from afar is often held up as a hotbed of talent, charisma and innovation. Thirty years ago this may have been so however those of us that live here know better and have been subjected to endless peddlers of lad chav manc rock toss and all other things shitcore for the past decade.

Peer closer under the surface though, and as with most cities there will be a bubbling under scene if you will, of talented and inventive bands. Many of which are starting to finally spill out into wider circles and regain the cities tarnished reputation. CITIZENS are most definitely one such band.

Razor sharp post punk is the order of the day here with a dramatically distinctive guitar sound that prods and pushes songs into unexpected areas. Vocals boom and the bass is bombastic enough to turn each song into a danceable literate (see title 'we've read the books') diatribe. Original, dark and somewhat disturbing. And brilliant.

SEE CITIZENS @ night and day feb 24th w/ Titus Andronicus